Tease Queens performing at Chicago musical afterparty!

tiistai 7. joulukuuta 2010

B is for burlesque!

It's been a while since we have been very busy doing private events and LouLou has traveled all around the world and la-dida, but now we have some news for you, or more to be accurate, some fantastic events you should be in!

Next Saturday it's time for Devil's Lounge which spices your christmas parties a little more rock'n'roll than you might have expected! Get ready to enjoy some rock'n'roll gals shaking their tails on stage, some excellent live music and the best of the best on records!

On the stage there are our gal LouLou D'vil, Cherry Dee from the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret and all the way from UK Kitty Bang Bang making your jaws drop! If the booties and boobies aren't enough for you, you can enjoy some great psychobilly played live by the Vulture Club, whose record publishing party the Devil's Lounge event is as well! Added to those kick ass sounds, you also get the best tunes played from records by Mr. Willy and Tuska!

Tickets can be bought in advance from Dog's Home, 10€.

And when you are all fed up with Christmas and ready to hit the streets again for some partying, I have just the place for you! Come and join us for the celebration of New Years Eve in Laterna, for some burlesque, magic and champagne! 
You will see us, The Tease Queens, on the stage doing our group as well as our solo numbers. Along us there is a fantastic boylesque performer Sir Willy Waterlily taking over the stage with his charisma!
And if you want something else for your New Years Eve that doesn't include mild nudity, you can enjoy the great performances of Jose Ahonen, the magician!

So come and celebrate the new year with us and get your dancing shoes ready so you can party all night long with Mr. Music of the evening, Dj Willy D'vil. If you get thirsty during the evening, Martini has provided a gorgeus champagne bar for you to feel even more festive!

Tickets can be purchased in advance from Nitrobabe and Kahvila Valo for 10€.
Tickets might also be sold on door for 12€.